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Posting an on-campus job through Rutgers-Newark Handshake

Download the complete handout here

Sign up for an account in Handshake:

Create your account screenshot

You will receive an email from Handshake to confirm your email address. Click on the Confirm Email button to verify your account.

Create a company profile for your office/department:

  • Please write your company name as Rutgers-Newark [name of office/department]. This will make it easier to approve and easier for students to search.
  • If you are asked to join a company already existing in the system, do not search for one to join. Click on the Create New Company button.

Create a company screenshot

  • You will be asked to connect with a school. Select Rutgers University-Newark so that your account is routed to the Career Development Center (CDC).
  • If you are not automatically connected with our office, you will see a pending page. The CDC will approve your account, and once that is complete, you will be able to post your position.

Pending approval screenshot

When you create your new job, make sure to select On Campus Student Employment as the Job Type.

Employment options screenshot

Need more details or screenshots?
Please visit or contact the CDC!


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