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Physics & Applied Physics

   The Physics Major: The program in physics is designed to enable a major to graduate with a sound and thorough preparation in basic physics. The student is prepared either for subsequent graduate study in physics or employment in physics or allied fields at a level commensurate with a good undergraduate physics background. Individual study and participation in ongoing research within the department are encouraged for those interested and qualified. Research opportunities also exit in undergraduate research programs organized or sponsored by the American Institute of Physics and the National Science Foundation, on a competitive basis.
   The physics major may be combined with undergraduate programs or selected course work in the areas of pre-medicine, pre-business, and pre-law; this provides excellent credentials and background for entrance into professional programs in these fields. A modified physics program is available to students in the field of education, which leads to certification for high school teaching in the area of physical science.

   The Applied Physics Major: The applied physics program is offered jointly by the physics departments of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences–Newark (FAS–N) and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). It is designed to provide students with a broad background in physics and, at the same time, to relate that background to work in many high-technology industries, such as microelectronics, laser technology, and systems design/control.

Departmental Website:

   Please click on the tabs below to see a list of sample occupations possible with a Physics degree and a list employers who have hired Rutgers-Newark students with a degree in Physics.

  • Sample Occupations
  • Employers who have Hired R-N Graduates

Sample Occupations

  • Quality Control Manager
  • Technical Illustrator
  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Scientific Photographer
  • Applied Physicist
  • Occupational Safety Specialist
  • Semi-Conductor Computer Programmer
  • Solid State Physicist
  • Process Engineer
  • Astronomer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Test Engineer
  • Teacher, Science/Math
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Television Assistant
  • Chief Engineer Automotive
  • Astrophysicist
  • Technical Engineer
  • Engineering Mechanics Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Engineer
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Research Assistant
  • Plasma Physicist
  • Software Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Research & Development Engineer
  • Physicist
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Oceanographer
  • Industrial Hygienist
  • Hydro-geologist
  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Meteorologist
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  • Optometrist
  • Technical Writer/Communicator
  • Mathematician
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Geologist
  • Purchasing Agent/Buyer
  • Science Laboratory Technician
  • Metallurgist
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Occupational Safety Specialist
  • Health Physicist
  • Instrumentation Technician
  • Geophysicist
  • Food Scientist/Technologist
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Consultant-Management Information Systems

Employers Who Have Hired R-N Graduates

  • Center for Pediatric Research
  • National Starch & Chemical Co.
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Newark Museum
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • NASA
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • University of Medicine and Dentistry
  • United States Department of Energy
  • Staten Island Zoological Society
  • Pfizer
  • Nature Conservancy, New Jersey Chapter