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  The Rutgers-Newark Career Development Center prohibits students from accepting multiple offers. Likewise, we also prohibit students from accepting an offer with an organization only to renege (decline) on that offer at a later date. Ethical standards dictate that students discontinue interviewing for positions after they have accepted an offer of employment.

  To ensure you fully understand all of the guidelines and ethical standards, please select each tab below and read the information carefully. If you have any questions you can reach out to us on

  • "Offer" Guidelines: All-Majors
  • "Offer" Guidelines: Accounting
  • Receiving or Accepting an Offer
  • OCR Guidelines


Fall Recruiting:

If you receive a full-time, entry-level offer at the end of a Summer Internship, employers should allow you two to three weeks to make your decision. If you receive an offer during the Fall recruiting process for internships, co-ops or full-time opportunities, employers should allow you three weeks (or until December 1 whichever comes later), to make your decision.

Spring Recruiting:

If you receive an offer for full-time employment on or after January 1, employers should allow you a minimum of two weeks to make your decision. If you are interviewing in the spring for Summer internships or co-ops, employers should allow you a minimum of two weeks or until mid-April, whichever comes later, to make your decision.

If you require an extension beyond these deadlines, you should ask the employer directly. Depending upon individual circumstances, some employers will extend their offer acceptance deadlines, while others may not.

If you need guidance with regard to evaluating job offers, we strongly encourage you schedule an Appointment or visit us during one of our many Walk-In periods.

Type of Offer Student Response Due
A Full-time offer after completing a Summer Internship Minimum of 2 or 3 weeks "or" by mid-September after receiving the offer
An Internship or full-time offer during Fall Recruiting for an upcoming Spring/Summer start date Minimum of 2 weeks "or" until December 1 whichever is later
Full-time offer on or after January 1 Minimum of 2 to 3 weeks
Spring semester for Summer Internships or co-ops Minimum of 2 weeks "or" until mid-April, whichever is later

   * Students may request an "extension of their acceptance deadline date" but must understand that such a request may or may not be granted by the employer.


   The following guidelines apply to employers and current accounting majors participating in the Accounting Recruitment Program at Newark and New Brunswick.

Click Here to view and download guidelines


If you RECEIVE an offer, you may continue to interview with other employers. However, be certain that you respond to the offering employer prior to their deadline. It is acceptable to ask for an extension. Please see the Offer Guidelines tab(s).

Once you have ACCEPTED an offer verbally or in writing for a full-time position, internship or co-op it is ethically unacceptable to continue to interview, send letters of application, or conduct other job search activities for opportunities with similar or competing start dates as the accepted offer.

Continuing to interview for comparable positions with a similar or competing start date after you have accepted an offer is against Rutgers University policy. For instance, if you accept an offer for an upcoming Summer Internship, you are no longer eligible to interview for other Summer Internships.

By accepting a job offer verbally or in writing, you are making a formal commitment to that employer. There are no circumstances that would legitimize your reneging on an offer. Reneging on an offer is unacceptable. This not only damages your personal credibility and professional reputation, but also reflects badly on Rutgers University. In addition, the employer may decide to discontinue recruiting at Rutgers, thus jeopardizing opportunities for future candidates.

If you have accepted an internship or co-op verbally or in writing and are seeking full-time employment, you may participate in on-campus interviewing for full-time positions ONLY that begin at the conclusion of your internship or co-op. However, you are not eligible to interview or accept offers for other co-op or internship positions with a similar or competing start date as the accepted offer.

If you "renege" on an offer, your access to RaiderNet and other Career Services resources will be permanently revoked. The Career Development Center reserves the right to report unethical or inappropriate actions to the Office of Academic Services withinin your School for further review and action. Students are required to report "offer acceptance" to the Career Development Center by logging on to RaiderNet and selecting the “Report Offers/Acceptances” tab within the Profile section of your RaiderNet account or by contacting us at


Interviewing Code of Ethics:

As a participant in the Rutgers On-Campus Interviewing Program (RaiderNet), you must adhere to the ethical standards established by the Career Development Center. Failure to conduct your recruiting activities according to these standards jeopardizes your own job search, as well as those of your peers, and the broader relationship between Rutgers University and impacted employers.

Resume Submission Guidelines:

Only submit resumes to those employers in which you have a sincere interest and with which you plan to interview, if selected.


Your resume and student profile information must match e.g. GPA, work authorization, graduation date, major, minor, year in school. The information in your RaiderNet profile is imported weekly from the University Registrar. If you misrepresent yourself, your privileges on RaiderNet may be rescinded and you may be subject to Rutgers University disciplinary action. Also, please note that you are not permitted to share your RaiderNet password with anyone.

Candidate Selection and Interview Scheduling Guidelines:

If an employer selects you for an interview, you are expected to accept, schedule, prepare and be present for the interview.

Interview Cancellation Guidelines:

If you must cancel the interview, you have two options for doing so:

  • Prior to the week of the interview —cancel online through “Interviews I Qualify For.”
  • The week of the interview—call 973-353-5311 between 8:30 am and 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, at least 48 hours prior to your interview; otherwise you will be considered a "no-show".

After three interview cancellations, you will be blocked from RaiderNet for the remainder of the current academic year.

If you cancel an interview, you must inform the employer in writing. In addition you must call 973-353-5313 and provide a copy of the message sent to the employer to Dean Hopkins at

No-Show Guidelines:

Scheduling an interview is a formal commitment between you, the employer, and Rutgers University. You are committed to showing up for all scheduled interviews. You will be considered a “no show” if you do not appear for your interview and do not call to cancel at least 48 hours prior to your interview. If you are a no-show you are required to send a letter of apology to the employer and provide a copy of the message sent to the employer to Dean Hopkins at

After one no-show, you will be blocked from RaiderNet until you meet with Dean Hopkins or Assistant Director Cheryl Egan to discuss the specific circumstances surrounding the occurance.