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Recruiting at Rutgers - Newark

Employer Recruitment Policies

Policies Regarding Employer Practices
Employers who recruit at Rutgers University in Newark must comply with state and federal Equal Employment Opportunity legislation, as well as University policy. Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension of on-campus recruitment activities, including removal of any active internship or job postings on our RaiderNet software.

Additionally, the Career Center has developed the following policies to ensure that all Rutgers University-Newark students and alumni are treated fairly and are being recruited for viable positions. The Career Center reserves the right to deny recruiting privileges (resume drops, on-campus interviewing, career fairs, etc.) to any organization.

Commission-Only Employment
Employers and individuals offering employment/entrepreneurial opportunities must pay a base salary equal to or greater than the federal minimum wage and comply with federal, state and local regulations.

Upfront Product Purchase
Employers and individuals offering employment /entrepreneurial opportunities with compensation packages requiring commission only or requiring prospective employees to purchase products or services upfront are not permitted to recruit on-campus or attend career fairs.

Pyramid / Multi-Level Employers
Employers /individuals offering employment /entrepreneurial opportunities based on a “pyramid” or “multi-level” type networking structure requiring or encouraging the recruitment of others who recruit others and so on to sell products and services will not be permitted to recruit on-campus or attend Career Fairs.

Policies for Third Party and Temporary Employment Agencies:

Definitions of Third Party and Temporary Employment Agencies:
Third Party or Temporary Employment Agencies are organizations or individuals that recruit candidates for temporary, part time or full time employment opportunities for other organizations rather than for their own organization’s internal hiring needs.

Agencies wishing to list a position must adhere to the following:

  • For Job Postings, provide the name of the client you are representing in the job description
  • State in the job description that any fees assessed by the agency will be paid by the client organization or the employer you represent. We will not post any opportunities that require students to pay fees
  • Agree that neither you or your client may forward Rutgers University-Newark students’ resumes to any other party without the student/applicant’s written consent. Failure to comply is a violation of The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

Babysitting or other In-Home Employment
We do not post babysitting jobs or other listings where an employee will work out of someone else’s dwelling (house, apartment, condo, etc).

  • 1st Time Posting Information
  • On-Campus Recruiting
  • "Offer" Guidelines: All-Majors
  • "Offer" Guidelines: Accounting

   *Please call 973-353-5313 to discuss the optimum visit date and reserve the necessary interview space.

   We will then need:

  1. A complete description of each internship and/or professional position that you wish to collect resumes and interview for.
  2. A completed and signed EEO form

   *Please Note: Your signed EEO form MUST be returned in order to retain your date. A new EEO form must be completed and placed on file each academic year, as required by law.

 Select the Job Posting Requisition Form link below to see the information we require to post opportunities on RaiderNet. If you have any questions regarding the information requested, or posting in general, you may contact Dean Thomas J. Hopkins at 973-353-5311

On-Campus Recruiting

   On-Campus Recruiting is available during the Fall or Spring Semester:

  • FALL: September/October/November
  • SPRING: February/March/April


   The office of the Career Development Center strongly recommends the following guidelines in regards to response times once "offers" have been extended to a Rutgers University-Newark student:

  • Full-Time Offers - Fall Semester, Until December 1
  • Full-Time Offers - Spring Semester, A minimum of 2 weeks to decide
  • Internship Offers - End of Summer, Until September 1
  • Internship Offers - Fall Semester, Until December 1
  • Internship Offers - Spring Semester, Until March 14; or a minimum of 2 weeks to decide

   * In some cases, students may ask for extensions beyond these suggested guidelines. We hope you can accommodate these requests to enable the student to complete their recruiting process and make the best possible decision.

   * Please refrain from offering large "exploding bonuses" as incentives for early acceptance.


   The following guidelines apply to employers and current accounting majors participating in the Accounting Recruiting Program at Newark and New Brunswick.

Click Here to view and download guidelines