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Employer Parking...

   The Rutgers-Newark campus is a truly commuter campus with more than 15,000 students ,faculty and staff traveling into Newark on a daily basis. As a result parking on the Rutgers -Newark campus is always at a premium and can be a demanding exercise. We highly recommend carpooling or using mass transit when possible.

Please review the parking instructions below:

  • ON-Campus Recruiting
  • Career Fairs

   We recommend arriving approximately 20 minutes prior to your first scheduled interview appointment. The starting time for your interviews is always viewable through your RaiderNet account.

Parking is available in the following areas:

  • Deck 1 (200 University Avenue)
  • Deck 2 (166 Washington Street)
  • Deck 3 (180 Washington Street)

Please see this CAMPUS MAP for the location of our parking Decks and Hill Hall where our offices are located

For directions to our campus by car or mass transit please click here

   We strongly recommend that recruiting personnel "carpool" or consider public transportation if at all possible. This will help ease what is already a challenging situation. We encourage recruiters that are driving in to allow extra time for possible traffic, construction, or parking challenges.

Career Fair parking locations will depend upon the day of the week on which the fair is being held (please consult your confirmation e-mail for the location).

For directions to our campus by car or mass transit please click here